Event Flow

December 2, 2016


Welcome to Speak Your Truth NOW
the first Fire Up Virtual Conference!

This event was inspired by so many amazing conversations with magnificent women and men…



A Fixer’s Tale…  

What do you do when you hear someone being mistreated?
What do you do when you see something you KNOW is wrong?

Stacie will share her struggles and successes with choosing when to speak up and stand up for yourself and others.


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

“Should I post this photo online?”

A “friend” just posted a vulgar comment on my post…
“What should I do now?”

Katie will be sharing her thoughts on the top things to share online to safely and gracefully share your truthful story online!


Are you raising your boys and girls the same?

Do your girls and boys do “traditionally gender specific” chores, sports, etc?

Vanessa and Anne will be having a conversation around what it takes to create a safe, brave home that raises everyone up to be confident and believe anything is possible.  Get ready for a lively chat where these two will share their best practices, including a Dad’s point of view!


Chris will be sharing the story of growing up with domestic violence and how the decision to forgive not only healed his heart, but it changed his relationship with his Mom!


Tara will share her personal journey and passion for using the written word to help you share your truth!


When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself these questions?

  • What am I comfortable with?
  • What am I not comfortable with?
  • What am I willing to “allow”?
  • What truths do I want to share… where?… how?

Rebekah will share her personal journey to defining her boundaries and stepping into her own truths.


Wendy Forsythe will be leading a conversation on the importance of leaders stepping up to create a safe place for everyone to be able to speak their truth without fear of retribution.

Join her and fellow executive, Deena Zimmerman, as they share their experiences and best practices!


You decide to post about something important to you or your brand/company.

Maybe you are sharing about attending an event, a quote you love, a person you support, or something you heard or experienced on your journey – and then it happens… someone leaves a negative or nasty comment on your post. (Ugh!)

Jay will be joining us and sharing his insights on these questions:

~ How should we deal with the online connections who leave inappropriate comments on our social media posts?

~ How do we deal with them if they are strangers?

~ What about those who are our FRIENDS?

~ What tips do you have if we see someone else being harassed online?


Ladies, have you ever wondered what your male pals are thinking when that colleague comes up and rubs your shoulders during an event?
Gents, have you ever wondered what your female pals are thinking in that situation?

Phil will be sharing insights and tips on how men and women can work together to combat the “less than honorable” actions and comments many of us face at social/networking/business events.

We are truly better when we work together and Phil is going to help you get the conversations started!


Let’s recap and review the lessons and insights we learned today… and talk about next steps!


Each of the sessions today was recorded and will soon be available to all paid attendees!

Stay tuned for an email with details…