Conversation Topics

During each session, the “Conversation Igniters” will do their very best to equip you to confidently step up and speak your truth at home, work, and everywhere in between.

Each session and speaker will accomplish this by:

~ sharing stories that represent their experiences

~ giving strong calls to action on how you recognize and share your own truths and stories

~ showing, by example, how the confidence to step into their truth and speak UP changed lives (including their own)

~ sparking conversations between you, your loved ones, and your community about the things that mean the most to you

Current Conversations Topics:

  ~ See Something, Say Something   |   Stacie Staub

  ~ A Wingman’s Perspective   |   Phil Faranda

  ~ The Power Of Written Word To Tell Your Truth   |   Tara-Nicholle Nelson

  ~ Creating Boundaries – What’s Next?   |   Rebekah Radice

  ~ Sharing Your Truth Online   |   Katie Lance

  ~ A Gentleman’s Social Strategy   |   Jay Thompson

         ~ Raising The Next Generation To Be Truth-Tellers   |   Vanessa Bergmark and Anne Jones

  ~ Leadership: Creating A Safe Workplace   |   Wendy Forsythe

  ~ The Fear Of Being Silenced   |   Abbie

  ~ The Power Of Forgiveness  |  Chris Smith

Conversation Igniters

Our mission:

To support, educate, and ignite conversations around crushing sexual harassment, abuse, and inappropriate behavior that was NEVER acceptable but sadly accepted for decades.  Infusing women and men with confidence to stand up, speak out, and share their truths.