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Ready to elevate your confidence, step into your greatness, and speak YOUR truth?

Purchase an all-access pass for a front row seat to conversations with and inspiration from some of real estate’s biggest influencers.

Each of these conversation igniters shares their stories and insights into what sharing your truth means and how it changed their lives.


Each conversation igniter will talk through any/all of these questions:

1. What does speaking your truth mean to you?
2. What holds/held you back from speaking your truth?
3. What happened when you told your truth?

Be sure to share your KEY TAKEAWAYS on social media using #SpeakYourTruthNow!


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Feedback about the event:

“It was amazing. Truly touched my heart and mind.” ~Rosemary

“Hearing others share their stories has inspired me to share mine.  Thank you!!!!” ~Shannon

“Chris, the “Mom” in all of us have are hearts bursting over the truth that you have shared today! What a great Son/Mom story. Thanks for sharing.”  ~Michelle

“One of my teacher friends recently posted this truth: 9 times out of 10 the story behind the misbehavior won’t make you angry. It will break your heart.” ~Megan

“It’s hard to admit that we are imperfect as adults/parents, and sometimes we have to forgive ourselves and acknowledge that.” ~Anne

Conversation Igniters

Our mission:

To support, educate, and ignite conversations around crushing sexual harassment, abuse, and inappropriate behavior that was NEVER acceptable but sadly accepted for decades.  Infusing women and men with confidence to stand up, speak out, and share their truths.